Mashavara 10.0
Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Treating thoughts and emotions.

Manovikas is delighted to have you join us for our Mashavara 10.0 Consultation for the Persons with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities on Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 01:00 PM in India.

Please note the TIME CHANGED @ 1:00 pm we are hosting this live consultation on GoogleMeet.

This Special Episode is bringing you a very important topic and the essentials components of positive behavioural support (PBS) to the children:
1. Why PBS?
PBS understands that challenging behaviour occurs for a reason and communicates important information about a person’s stress, distress and skill development.
2. How PBS?
People are valued and respected as individuals.
Where to go to get help?
3. What is the impact of PSB?
Increasing a person’s quality of life
Decreasing the frequency and severity of their challenging behaviours

This episode featured with Our Special Experts:

Dr. Nimesh G DesaiProfessor in Psychiatry, Director, IHBAS and President, Manovikas

Shri T.C. Sivakumar Expert in Clinical Psychology Director, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities(Divyangjan)
Former Director of NIEPID (formally NIMH)

Kindly log the session at least 10 minutes in advance. We have seats for only 250 participants.
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If you are unable to access the session, that would mean the session's capacity of 250 seats has already been met. You can also join us on Live stream for view-only

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